Salesman with an AK47 is the thrilling adventure of an Irish man who served with the elite of the British Army, guarded the Queen and found himself on active service in Northern Ireland during the early eighties. Years later, circumstances brought him to Afghanistan where old training served him well.
The story takes us from Tyrone to Jalalabad, swinging scenically through Papua New Guinea and into post Saddam Iraq. Alan’s is a fast paced story of a life of triumph and tragedy, told by someone who has lived on the edge through a forgotten war, then suffered for 22 years with undiagnosed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Read Alan’s firsthand experiences of daily life in Afghanistan and enjoy meeting the ex-Mujahidin fighter, the kidnapped English man, the poker-playing banker: an unforgettable cast of rogues and heroes from all corners of the globe.
This is the story of an ordinary man living an extraordinary life.
Salesman with an AK47 is Alan’s story.